Restored Corvettes

Walden & Younger Corvette Restorations are proud of the restorations we have done.
Please enjoy the testimonies of our satified customers.


1974 Corvette

This beautiful Grand Sport Replica was restored in 2009 by Walden & Younger Corvette Restorations and has been on display multiple times at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Additionally, it has won numerous show awards, participates in many car shows, and is driven and enjoyed when possible.

1974 Corvette

This is the 1974 Corvette that was featured in the General Motors 50th Anniversary Celebration in Nashville, TN and Bowling Green, KY the last week in June 2003. This beautiful 1974 Corvette restoration was completed in May 2003 by "Walden & Younger Corvette Restorations".

1968 Corvette

This beautiful one owner 1968 Corvette had been in storage since 1976. Walden & Younger Corvette Restorations did a partial restoration to bring it back up to standard. In the words of the owner "It exceeded my expectations".


 1968 Corvette

A 25-year dream came true for me when I became the owner of a 1968 Corvette convertible. With the idea that I would restore to operation those items which through either neglect or age had caused to cease to function, I began on a trek which ultimately led to frustration. Many things can be wrong with a vehicle which was, at the time, 35 years old. The more I fixed, the more I found which needed attention. I work a full-time job and soon realized that I had bitten off more than I could digest in trying to make the time and lacking the expertise necessary for the caliber of work the car needed. A shade-tree mechanic for years, I realized that a specialized Corvette restoration facility would be required in order to be assured of the level of competency necessary for such work. After an extended and until that time depressing search for a suitable, reputable, and trustworthy facility for the vehicle, I found Walden and Younger Corvette Restoration and Sales on the internet Several items piqued my interest immediately: they had photos on their website which indicated the type of work they do, they were nearby (which was important to me so that I could visit them and the car during the work), and they specialize in Corvettes exclusively. It was apparent to me that this was a one-stop shop for all my needs. But what are they like? How do they act? Are they trustworthy? Are they craftsmen? Will they be fair to me? After all, not everyone with a Corvette has gobs of money to squander.

I sent an email via their website and detailed some of the items which I knew needed attention, and asked would they consider meeting me to discuss possibilities. I anxiously awaited the reply, thinking that there was the possibility of being told, in effect, “Go away, boy... you bother me." A pessimist is seldom disappointed.

After meeting Adrian and Mr. Walden, Charles and Mr. Younger, I was at the very least impressed with them. First, by having all the players present during the initial meeting. Second, by making me feel at ease and comfortable. One doesn't converse very long with any of these folks without getting the distinct impression and certain assurance that they are all first-rate individuals. They were cordial and courteous, and spoke with the unmistakable air of confidence, competence, and honesty which was indicative to me of being the real thing, and not a pretense. It was during this meeting that I decided that they were my Holy Grail, and that I wished to do business if they would have me.

I was kept informed all along of work in progress, and was consulted on any questionable items and expenses. My car was placed on their website with photos showing the various phases of the operation. I was never made to feel less because this car did not have redeeming qualities other than being a Corvette. It wasn't "all original," nor was it a "one-owner," nor was it a "numbers-matching" vehicle. It is, however special to me, as are all Corvettes to their owners. Walden and Younger know this, and it's a tribute to their business. After extensive work and time and energy expended by Walden and Younger, and several on-site visits along the way, I picked up the fresh vehicle, complete with a new convertible top, a power-steering conversion, as well as new suspension, braking system, vacuum system, as well as many other fixes and restorations. My enthusiasm bordered on giddiness, and I'm normally rather reserved.

Walden and Younger’s work, ethics, competency, craftsmanship, and trustworthiness are all above reproach. I am a very satisfied customer and can heartily recommend them without reservation. Having seen in person their facilities and capabilities, as well as having been fortunate to get to know them, they are in my highest regard. You can trust them with your Corvette. With my thanks and appreciation to Adrian, Mr. Walden, Charles, and Mr. Younger; you all did a great piece of work!


Jerry Ferguson 

Rising Fawn, Ga. 30738

02 May 2005



Another beautiful Corvette restored by Walden & Younger Corvette Restorations.


63 Corvette

This beautiful 63 Corvette roadster was restored by Walden and Younger Corvette Restorations.

1971 Corvette

This beautiful 1971 Corvette got a new coat of paint from Walden & Younger Corvette Restorations.


1974 Corvette

This beautiful 1974 Corvette was restored by Walden & Younger Corvette Restorations and delivered back to the proud owner.


1979 Corvette

The smile on the face of the owner of this beautiful 1979 Corvette says it all.



This beautiful Corvette was restored by Walden & Younger Corvette Restorations.



The smile on the faces of the owners of this beautiful 1957 Corvette says it all.


1968 Corvette

This 1968 Corvette was restored by Walden & Younger Corvette Restorations.


1966 Corvette

This 1966 Corvette was restored by Walden & Younger Corvette Restorations.


1971 Corvette

This one owner 1971 Corvette received a mechanical restoration by Walden & Younger Corvette Restorations to bring it back to road worthiness.


Proud owners getting Lil' Blue back after a freshening up by
Walden & Younger Corvette Restorations.


This 1973 Corvette was restored by Walden & Younger Corvette Restorations.

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