Project 57

Project 57 is now complete.
Thanks go to everyone who participated in this awe-inspiring project!

Corvette Enthusiast Magazine

Street Shop, Inc.

Smith Chevolet

Corvette Central

Join us as Corvette Enthusiast magazine showcases the buildup of a “New 57 Corvette." We are teaming with Street Shop, Inc. for a completely new chassis using modern suspension components, Dana 44 rear-end, 17 inch wheels and 4 wheel disc brakes. P57's power will come from a 2004 Z06 Corvette crate engine purchased through a local Chevy dealer and mated to a Tremac 5- speed transmission with a final road gear of .068 for excellent fuel economy. The body is a new Concept '57 purchased through Corvette Central, one of the leading Corvette parts vendors. The new body will be finished off in Onyx Black with Silver Coves and decked out with a Red interior. Creature comforts such as air conditioning, power windows and modern audio components will be incorporated into the build.

The objective of building this car is to focus on the creation of a car for daily driving that has modern amenities while retaining that “Classic Look" everyone loves. There is a trend in the Corvette Hobby to establish a place for cars like this and allow individuals to create Vettes to their own taste. If you own a classic Corvette but don't want to drive it because it's for show only, or for fear it may devalue the car, then this option provides you with the best of both worlds, a "New Classic" for your driving enjoyment.
The options are not limited to just a "57. If you want a C2 Stingray, or a C3 Shark, either can be built exclusively for you. For a complete turnkey Vette, of your own personal taste, you can furnish a body, and we will build the car to your specifications by teaming with appropriate vendors as we are doing for “Project 57." Give us a call to begin planning your "New Vette" now.
Be sure to pick up a copy of the January issue of Corvette Enthusiast magazine for the Seventh and last article in the series on P57.

Project 57.1
The start of P57 Corvette

Project 57.2

P57 Corvette frame taking shape

Project 57.3

P57 Corvette by Walden and Younger Corvette Restorations

Project 57.4

P57 will have some muscle

Project 57.5

P57 Corvette getting fitted with wheels

Project 57.6

P57 Corvette rolling chassis

Project 57.7

P57 Corvette will have disc brakes on all four corners

Project 57.8

 It's time for the P57 Corvette body to be mated up with the chassis

Project 57.9

The P57 Corvette chassis is brought in so the body can be mounted

Project 57.10

The P57 Corvette is starting to take shape

Project 57.11

It will take all eyes to bring the Corvette body and chassis together

Project 57.12

The body is being lowered carefully onto the P57 Corvette frame

Project 57.13

Everything is looking good as the Corvette body and chassis comes together

Project 57.14

Things are going good as this beautiful Corvette comes together

Project 57.15

This Corvette already looks good

Project 57.16

Starting to trial fit the trim on P57 Corvette

Project 57.17

P57 Corvette grill teeth

Project 57.18

The grill is ready to install on P57

Project 57.18

Things are beginning to come together on this Corvette

Project 57.19

Looks like a big smile just thinking about chewing up some pavement

Project 57.20

The interior is taking shape on P57

Project 57.21

Starting on the rear trim on this 57 Corvette

Project 57.22

Looking good

Project 57.23

The cove trim is lining up great

Project 57.24

Windshield, mirror, and fender scoop vents add to the finished look

Project 57.25

The rear end trim is taking shape

Project 57.26

The dash looks great

Project 57.26

Everything fit and looks very good

Project 57.27

Now to take everything back off and head to the paint booth

Project 57.28

A little final sanding then P57 will head off to the paint booth

Project 57.29

The dash has been installed and ready for some color

Project 57.29

All the parts were primed first

Project 57.30

After the primer comes the sealer

Project 57.31

The underside of the trunk lid gets some red paint

Project 57.32

The top of the trunk lid gets some clear coat

Project 57.33

The coves are ready for the silver paint

Project 57.33

Now for some black base coat on the doors

Project 57.34

The doors are now ready for the clear coat

Project 57.35

The body of P57 is now primed

Project 57.36

A good coat of sealer is applied to the body of P57

Project 57.37

The base coat is applied and ready for the clear coat

Project 57.38

The trunk and dash have been painted red and the rest of the Corvette clear coated

Project 57.39

The trim is being installed for the finishing touches

Project 57.40

All the gauges are being installed

Project 57.41

The cooling fan and radiator goes into place

Project 57.42

All the emblems are being installed

Project 57.43

The door glasses are being installed

Project 57.44

Now that the gauges are installed they are being wired up

Project 57.45

The dash pad is being put in place

Project 57.46

P57 finally gets her own identity

Project 57.47

The seats are getting new covers

Project 57.48

The seats are now ready to be installed

Project 57.49

Getting ready for National Corvette Museum delivery

Project 57.50

At the National Corvette Museum

Project 57.51

Project 57.53

Project 57.54

Project 57.55

Project 57.56

At the Virginia International Raceway

Project 57.57

Project 57.58

P57 being looked over by a 2006 Z06

Project 57.59

Project 57.60

P57 generates a lot of interest where ever it goes

Project 57.61

Project 57.62

Corvette's Chief Engineer Mr. Dave Hill, the smile says it all

Project 57.63

Project 57.63

Project 57.64

Project 57.65

P57 in the Corvette Enthusiast booth at Corvettes at Carlisle

Project 57.65

"A Small Southern Corvette Restoration Shop Where Integrity Still Counts."